'Lil Wine' Collar Bandana

'Lil Wine' Collar Bandana

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“And I don't think your beautiful, I think your beyond it.”
Lil Wayne



Pup & I collar bandanas are handmade in the UK, using 100% cotton fabric.

These slip on bandanas are reversible and fit onto your pup's collar. They are easily removed for washing or swapping onto a different collar. 


  • Extra Small: suitable for 8" to 12" collars with 5/8" width. (Drop length 5”)
  • Small: suitable for 11" to 13" collars with 3/4" width. (Drop length 6”)
  • Medium: suitable for 13" to 16" collars with 3/4" or 1" width. (Drop length 7“)
  • Large: suitable for 16" to 22" collars with 1" width. (Drop length 8”)
  • Extra Large: suitable for 18" to 26" collars with 1" width. (Drop length 9”)


*Please note, all Pup & I accessories are handmade to order. Every item we make is unique and one of a kind. Due to the nature of handmade products, there can be slight variation between products and pattern placement, which can vary from what is seen at the time of ordering.

General Care

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure suitability of our products, we recommend that you check daily for any signs of wear and tear. Hand wash only and lay flat to dry.

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